UIM Silver Monthly Membership Subscription

R150.00 on the 5th of each month and a R150.00 sign-up fee

UIM Silver Monthly Membership Subscription

First payment: 5th August 2024

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UIM Silver Membership Subscription

When you join the UIM with our Silver Membership option, you will receive a UIM Membership number and a digital membership card. Furthermore, you will receive the following great benefits:

  • A silver UIM pin
  • 15% Discount on all UIM items available on the official UIM online store
  • Access to the UIM monthly newsletter

Before You Join

The UIM adheres to a strict ethos which we expect all our members to adhere to. Please read and accept the declaration before you become a member.

Member Declaration

I hereby declare that I have read the constitution of the United Independent Movement (UIM), agree with and understand its contents fully, and will abide by all structures and regulations contained therein. I furthermore declare that I am joining the organization voluntarily and without motives of material advantage or personal gain. I furthermore declare that I will respect and adhere to the code of conduct as per the constitution of the UIM, accept its terms and conditions and accept any actions that may be taken against me for breach of this code.