The United Independent Movement is a South African political party founded by Neil De Beer, who currently serves as UIM party leader and president. The party initially formed as a civil society movement. What was intended to be a simple politically driven movement for the people, soon became so much more to many South Africans. Eventually the movement gained so much momentum and support that people started looking at the UIM as the possible entity that could possibly play a major role in the unsure future of South Africa and bring about much needed change. The call came from the people to form a political party in order to contest elections and possibly represent them in government. On 2 August 2021 the UIM officially registered as political party.

"In 1994 we voted to save a country, in 2024 we will vote to save a country."

Neil de Beer

UIM President


The UIM has gained a reputation as a party that speaks the harsh truth, calling out those that think they are unreachable or untouchable, as well as a party that cares deeply about the people of this country. A movement that cares enough to get their hands dirty and not only physically fight crime with SAPS over weekends, but help communities in dire need of food and housing.

The UIM’s mission is to strengthen a culture of voter accountability by bringing the government closer to the people. Passionate about transforming SA into a hub of excellence and world-class service delivery, the UIM regards itself as a deep investment in SA’s future that puts South Africans first. Another objective in its founding manifesto is educating South Africans on their inalienable rights, in the hope that this’ll galvanise them into being active citizens who’ll never allow the abuses and excesses of South Africa’s dark past to come back to haunt the country and its people. This includes settling for nothing less than full and equal access to essential services and amenities, so that all may benefit equitably in SA’s prosperity dividend and quality-of-life index.

Understanding the plight and suffering of ordinary people, the UIM is the only political party – not run by politicians – that guarantees an equal playing field, whereupon ALL South Africans can thrive financially, thus stimulating personal income as well as foreign investment. The current failed leadership of this country is threatening its hard-earned democracy, and has not alleviated, nor eradicated any poverty or inequality, as promised. Nor has it created “a just and equitable economic and social order for the people”, in over 27 years. Since no other party has stepped up to the proverbial plate to loudly oppose the current insurrection, the UIM has committed itself to NOT being the “good men who stay silent” but to be loud, visible and accountable.


On 17 August 2023, the UIM signed a pre-election agreement as part of the Multi-Party Charter for South Africa. This historical moment signified the UIM’s commitment to ensuring that the people of South Africa would remain it’s top priority, and that we would continue living up to our mission and vison for a prosperous, thriving, safe and unified South Africa for all.